Giant inflatable hippo slide is very popular with adult and kids

Giant inflatable hippo slide is very popular with adult and kids

Giant inflatable hippo slide is very popular with adult and kids

Mar 11, 2024

Everyone is familiar with inflatable castles, but did you know that there are many different types of inflatable castles? For example, there are obstacle course combinations, summer giant slide combinations, and inflatable castles that can operate all year round.

Take the inflatable giant inflatable hippo slide, for example. It is currently very popular during the summer, also known as a water slide, water obstacle course combination, and other products. The inflatable giant slide amusement facility is also a large trampoline. A large pool can be placed at the bottom of the slide, and the water level in the pool should be determined based on the height of the pool and actual conditions. Of course, amusement equipment manufacturers generally provide reasonable suggestions!

As for the working principle of the giant inflatable hippo slide, we also know that when playing with inflatable products, a blower will always be working because inflatable products need good elasticity. Therefore, some parts of the equipment are designed with air vents. Otherwise, excessive air pressure will affect the experience of the equipment. If you feel that there is too much air leakage, you can leave a gap at the zipper location to let the excess air leak out.

The inflatable product I am introducing today is a large inflatable water slide. The slide is 50 meters long and 11 meters high. Whether it's adults or children, they can experience an unprecedented feeling of weightlessness when sliding down from such a height. There is a water spray device at the top of the slide, and a large pool at the bottom. The water spraying on the slide will increase the sliding speed to a certain extent. Playing with water in the summer is the most joyful thing for both adults and children. Rushing down the slide into the large pool, feeling the coolness of the water, makes children scream in excitement.

In addition, water slides come in various shapes, and customers can change the theme according to their requirements, such as Disney princesses, Minions, Spider-Man, and other themes. Customers can also customize the product based on the surrounding conditions of their site and the size of the site.

This equipment is not affected by the weather and can be operated indoors or outdoors, making it widely applicable.