How long can be used of inflatable aqua park

How long can be used of inflatable aqua park

How long can be used of inflatable aqua park

Feb 29, 2024

This type of equipment has a relatively short lifespan, typically around one to two years. Proper maintenance can extend the usage time.

The lifespan of inflatable aqua park depends on:

Product material: Different materials have different lifespans, and Bigenjoy uses 0.55mm PVC or 0.9mm PVC.
Product quality: Products from different manufacturers have varying qualities and lifespans.
Regular maintenance and care: Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of water play equipment. Without proper care, the usage period may be shorter.
Can inflatable water play equipment continue to be used after exceeding the usage lifespan?

We do not recommend continued use. It is best to update with new equipment for three reasons:
Old equipment gives a poor impression, and many visitors may lose interest when they see outdated equipment.
Equipment beyond the usage lifespan poses safety hazards, is prone to accidents, and can lead to greater losses for businesses.
Using equipment beyond the designated lifespan is considered a violation. If the equipment does not have a valid inspection certificate from a municipal special equipment inspection center, continued use of equipment beyond its lifespan may result in penalties.

Why should inflatable aqua park be regularly updated?

From a safety perspective, all inflatable aqua park is affected by factors such as weather, human factors, and time during use. Every equipment has a limited lifespan, and devices that reach the end of their lifespan or are severely damaged can pose serious safety risks. Providing a safe experience is a crucial responsibility of water parks, and it is necessary to regularly update or introduce new equipment to replace old ones.