inflatable giant hippo water slide Commercial grade heavy duty 30ft 50ft

inflatable giant hippo water slide Commercial grade heavy duty 30ft 50ft

As of my last update, the world's biggest inflatable water slide is not specifically a giant hippo water slide. However, there are massive inflatable water slides that hold records for being the largest in the world. These slides are often found at water parks, events, and festivals, offering an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers.
Material: 0.55mm PVC
MOQ: 1 piece
Size: Customized

One notable example is the "Insano" water slide located at Beach Park in Brazil, which held the Guinness World Record for the tallest water slide in the world. Insano stands at a towering height of over 41 meters (around 134 feet) and offers a near-vertical drop, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for riders.

While there may not be a specific giant hippo water slide that holds the title of the world's biggest slide, there are certainly massive and impressive inflatable water slides that offer thrilling experiences on a grand scale. These giant slides attract visitors from around the world who are looking for an unforgettable and exciting water park adventure.

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Item Inflatable slide
Gender Unisex
Age Range 2 to 4 Years, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 Years, 14 Years & up
Type Slide
Material PVC Tarpaulin 0.55mm PLATO
Place of Origin   China
Certification CE EN14960
Packaging Details                   PVC bag with handles and blowers with carton package   
Supply Ability 300pcs/month
Features UV-Resistance, Fire Resistance
Name inflatable giant hippo water slide Commercial grade heavy duty 30ft 50ft                                              
Usage Kindergarten /family center /party /amusement park
Printing Screen Print And Hand Painting
Inflate Time 15 Minutes
Color 9 Normal Color And Color Chart Could Provide

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